Professionals working with fire since 1970: that’s who we are. The technologies for restraining, insulating and controlling the extreme temperatures generated into industrial kilns constitute our skill: we creatively face and manage whatever issue connected to the control of heat and fire.

We can count on a solid tradition in designing and manufacturing prefab refractory modules, used in the construction of hundreds of industrial kilns, all around the world.


know how

Experience develops innovation

Sensing the potentiality of the refractory prefabrication, a team of skilled technicians decided to establish a new company, to develop this innovative technology in the kiln construction market.

This happened back in 1970; since then COVERI has become a major player of the refractory industry, delivering custom-designed solutions all around the world, with a yearly production capacity of 3000 tons.



Analysis, realization and availability

Since ever COVERI has based his work on the detailed design of each individual component. This has enabled us to realize even the hardest projects by fulfilling our customers’ ever demanding queries, granting flexibility and very fast reaction.

The manufacture of all of our products starts from our modern sorting system, selecting and dosing the ideal material mix of components. All production phases are fully monitored: mix preparation, casting, moulding.

Our internal laboratory provides all equipment required for the research, selection and quality testing of the materials used.



Solid company structure and qualified staff

All moulds and shuttering required for the refractory production, both for metal and for brick industries, are designed and manufactured internally by COVERI, in its own internal workshop, under the supervision of high-skilled professionals.

More than 800 Moulds produced and stocked in our dedicated warehouse demonstrate and evidence the huge amount of products realized to date.



Taylor-Made Design And Technical Solutions

We do believe that the request for quality, professional skills and service in the industrial kiln sector is ever growing and we feel confident to have adequate solutions. We can offer:

  • Consulting and Design on new projects and reconstructions;
  • Designing and production of special solutions for the metal industry;
  • Design, Production and assembly on-site of custom-made components;
  • Raw material analysis and storage; computer-controlled mixing and bagging machine;
  • Drying and Firing process for parts of various shapes and sizes;
  • Skilled building/assembly staff and technical supervision;
  • Planning and execution of regular maintenance or urgent technical assistance;
  • Logistic and operative service for large scale projects.


square-meter plant

  • computer-controlled raw material sorting and mixing area
  • 3D Design and modelling department
  • 5000 sq-meter open-air handling, warehousing and loading area
  • mould warehouse
  • pressing area (vibropressa)
  • special Blocks area
  • kilns area
  • milling area


About us

For years we have been working with CO.VE.RI. who has proven us to be a serious and reliable company providing us very quickly with excellent materials but above all with an excellent technical assistance, focused to satisfy the ever more demanding requests of our customers.

Alessandro Mambretti,
A.D. Mambretti Metalli S.r.l.

We started almost by chance the collaboration with the company CO.VE.Rl. last August. Thanks to their technical know-how we were able in a few months to solve a structural problem of our furnace that needed special parts.
All the other suppliers we had consulted told us that it was impossible to fulfil our requests but they succeeded and also provided us with an excellent technical assistance that allowed us not only to manufacture products with a very high technological content but also to satisfy our customers’ increasing expectations.

Pucci Mirko,
Technical Manager Ceramiche Virginia S.r.l.

We hereby declare that we have collaborated with the company CO.VE.RI to the construction of a new plant for the treatment of aluminium wire. CO.VE.RI has proven us to be a serious and reliable company showing care and attention both to the technical aspects and to the realization.
As stated above, CO.VE.RI. has met all the requirements demanded.

Paolo Stefini,
Quality Manager Travar Tec S.r.l.

We certify that COVERI Srl is our qualified supplier for the realization and assembly of refractory casting, prefabricated refractories and shapeless refractory, both for our metal production and heat treatment process. After many years of successful and fruitful cooperation with several companies in the Cividale Group, we acknowledge that COVERI srl has always distinguished itself for its seriousness, reliability and fast reactivity in the realization of refractory products, in full compliance with our technical requirements.

Cividale S.p.A.


We've chosen COVERI because they're serious and reliable and we are very satisfied with our choice. We do appreciate their technical competence, their ever-ready availability. We consider them a partner, because they're able to supply products fully suitable to our needs and they're great "problem solver" in case of need.

Paola Canal,
CEO Meapforni S.r.l.