Foundry products

Foundry productsFoundries are metal-working sites that perform a series of processes to produce metal objects through a smelting process. These operations comprise the design and production of the form (usually in wood, chalk, or synthetic resins), from which the mould is made (i.e. the cavity designed to hold the melted metal). After smelting the metal in the furnaces, the material is poured into the moulds, often under pressure (diecasting) producing the raw object (casting), which is then finished to eliminate air bubbles, flaws, and other surface imperfections.

For over 40 years, CO.VE.RI. Srl has specialised in foundry products: diecasting, gravity, low pressure, and on the ground.

For us at CO.VE.RI., our continuous research and development are an essential part of our search for new materials and the development of new projects. These, our strengths, as well as the quality of our workmanship, have ensured an ever greater number of designers and industry experts trust us to turn their designs into reality.

  • Over the years, we have specialised and reorganised so as to produce our best work for the following sectors:
  • Steel industry: metal-working involving the preparation and processing of iron from minerals.
  • Steel-making sector: plant for the production and processing of steel objects
  • Industrial furnace sector: panels, trolleys, furnace kits, furnace evo kits.

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