Steelworks elettric kiln

CO.VE.RI Srl is a company that has been operating since 1970. It has extensive experience in the Metallurgical Industry and offers its customers avant-garde prefabricated systems to cater to all types of applications:


Prefabricated arcs with lifting system for: Electric furnaces – VOD – EAF. We supply high durability monolithic electric arcs, with high thermal shock and corrosion resistance, for all types of furnaces. Our arcs boast high durability; much higher than those made of brick or concrete.

Prefabricated lining for steel ladles
A monolithic lining allows far more than one lining made with the best bricks, the longer duration allows minimizing downtime for maintenance interventions on the ladle.

Barriers for Tundishes with safe reusable packaging
Thanks to the specific manufacturing process carried out in our factory and the special attention we give to the mixture that is used, our prefabricated products guarantee excellent performance, maintaining their structures even after being subjected to the temperature changes caused by long-sequence casting.

Over the years we have consolidated considerable experience in the construction of prefabricated channel connections and outlets for Electric Furnaces, guaranteeing the customer a substantial amount of castings.

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