Steelworks laminating products

CO.VE.RI Srl is a company that has been operating since 1970. It has extensive experience in the Metallurgical Industry and offers its customers avant-garde prefabricated systems to cater to all types of applications:

Prefabricated system with refractory runners (Infills)
Over the years we have developed a specific technology for lining pipes of reheating furnaces, based on a prefabricated refractory modular system with high mechanical resistance and low thermal conductivity.

Prefabricated lining for all types of kiln cars
The refractory linings of the kiln cars are prefabricated and designed with specific production needs in mind, with particular focus on insulation to ensure high production and low energy consumption.

Prefabricated roof for all types of furnaces
Our roofs are produced with a unique system based on the customer’s needs, and they are tested to guarantee easy and quick assembly.

Prefabricated burners
We can supply all types of custom-made burners to meet all the customer’s needs.

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