Aluminium smelting furnaces – heat treatment furnaces

Aluminium smelting furnaces

Coveri is a market leader in the manufacture of modern industrial furnaces. These products require the employment of highly qualified expert staff. We offer a complete service.
Also upon client request.
We manufacture industrial furnaces and all associated accessories: panels, trolleys, furnace kits, furnace Evokits, whether for steel-working: forges, full-cycle steel foundries, prefabrication steel-working, or electric steel ovens. Our speciality is aluminium smelting furnaces.

Most smelting furnaces are of the regenerative type, but other designs are used for different uses, such as crucible, bath, and dry hearth furnaces. In each case, prior to the smelting process, a rigorous metallurgical test of the aluminium alloy is performed, after which the alloy is heated and brought to its melting point, when it becomes completely fluid.

The heat treatments applied to the aluminium alloys serve to increase their strength and hardness.

At CO.VE.RI. Srl, our philosophy is one of continuous improvement in our work. In fact, the company uses the latest techniques and advanced equipment for our smelting furnaces and heat treatment systems. We are also able to offer our clients a maintenance and technical support service that, upon request, can also be provided at the client’s site.

Our qualified staff are at your complete disposal to supply you with all the necessary details. CO.VE.RI. Srl are based in Oriago di Mira, near Venice, on Via Ghebba 65/H. For any additional information, please call us on +30 041 429466, or email us at:


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