The CO.VE.RI. company was founded in the 1970s and has grown over the intervening years to become a specialist in refractory materials for modern industrial furnaces. We soon became a leader in the sector, and a benchmark for both Italian and foreign clients.

Today, as in the past, we are a trusted, professional partner for many, thanks to our numerous services and products designed for industrial furnaces and steel-working. Below are some of our major products:
- Refractory materials for industrial furnaces ;
- Tunnel ovens;
- Flat panels;
- Tile kilns;
- Aluminium smelting furnaces;
- Heat treatment furnaces;
- Products for foundries;
- Prefabricated furnaces;
- Waste disposal.

Our staff is highly qualified. Combined with our cutting-edge technologies, we can handle any job, working in complete safety and at maximum potential; in a single year, our production facilities produced 8000 tonnes of refractory materials.

CO.VE.RI. S.r.l. owes its business success to the constant commitment to research and development, discovering new materials, and developing new projects. This has always been the basis of our corporate philosophy.
CO.VE.RI. S.r.l. has adopted a company structure aimed at qualitative growth. For this reason, our production quality controls are performed continuously as quality is fundamental in our industry sector.
To request a free estimate, or if you are looking for more information regarding our services, visit our website, email us at, or call us on +39 041 429466